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Today's healthcare environment is full of difficult challenges. Unless physicians and hospitals work closely together to convince health plans that providers, rather than payers, should manage patient care, no real improvements in the system will occur. In 1995, Phoebe Health Partners, Inc. (PHP), comprised of physicians and Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, recognized a need to provide employer groups and the citizens of southwest Georgia an alternative to the existing health plans in the market place. Over the course of time our network has expanded and we have developed strategic partnership arrangements with health plans that improve health care quality, promote appropriate utilization of services, and delegate essential credentialing functions to PHP. We have created an infrastructure to support operations for participants with PHP. Our providers are at the core of our business and as such we have developed a variety of services to aid them in their delivery of quality care.

The goal of PHP is to bring healthcare decision making back to the community with physicians and patients in control of their medical care. The combination of provider discounts results in the greatest savings currently available to any commercial payer in the region.

This partnership of providers works together to assure the access and availability of high quality healthcare services to the citizens of southwest Georgia. Be assured that when you select the PHP panel of providers for your healthcare needs, we are all cooperating to achieve a common goal: to offer you state-of-the-art care close to home.